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Kandy Apple Redd

Just coming off of a world tour with their grandfather, George Clinton, the multi platinum leader of the Parliament-Funkadelic-P-Funk All Stars Universe, Kandy Apple Redd are now taking the time out to focus on their solo career and are gearing up to release their first album in Winter 2015. With a grandfather like George Clinton, you can only expect the girls to have that funky sound, however they’ve added their own “flava,” giving their music an R&B and pop twist, with a dose of high energy and girl power.


Yung POPular is a street savvy hustler and gentleman. His storytelling abilities bring his words to the forefront as if you were standing there experiencing every word in every rhyme. Whether you’re in deep thought or just want to forget about everything and turn up, POP has what you need.

Tra Zae’

Tracey (Tra’zae) Clinton is a young rapper and producer, currently touring with his grandfather George Clinton and working on his third album at the young age of 19. At an early age Tra’zae joined his school’s marching band playing percussion snare, bass-drum and quads and from there went on to become a drummer, who earned the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers when they surprisingly walked in the room where he was rehearsing at his grandfathers home.

About Us

Generations of funk. It's in our blood.

Homegrown Entertainment was launched in 2014 by Shonda Clinton-Drennen, Jason Drennen and Barbarella Bishop of the Clinton Family – and we’re talking about the king of Funk, George Clinton of Parlaiment Funkadelic that is. Homegrown Entertainment represents togetherness, dependability and a legacy. At Homegrown Entertainment, we are a family that truly protects and cares for our artists creativity. As a company, we believe that the music industry is in a pretty bad state. There aren’t many artists out there that are really speaking up. At HGE we find nothing more important than creativity! We believe that music is ever evolving and and that a truly talented artist finds new ways of captivating their listener through their personal expression of artistry. Sometimes when dealing with all of the “politics” of the industry, companies forget what truly drives the business – which is the art itself. We are at a state in music where everyone (including the major labels) is trying to follow trends and no one is trendsetting. Lost in a musical world where majority of artists are trying to fit into this box, the Homegrown Entertainment artists are pushed to think outside of the box and bring something creatively new to the table.

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